IBAREIon Beam Assisted Radical Etching
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This paper examines the abundance of the Bolivian bufeo in sections of the Tijamuchi and Ibare rivers during a rainy season with high level of water (high-water season) caused by "La Nina" event in 2008.
The study area (Ibare and Tijamuchi rivers) is situated in the Department of Beni, Bolivia (Fig.
The Ibare and Tijamuchi rivers originate in the Llanos de Moxos (Fig.
In total, we sighted 319 individuals, 189 in the Tijamuchi (density of 1.02 individual/[km.sup.2]) and 32 in the Ibare river (0.2 individual/[km.sup.2]).
The group size was greater in the Tijamuchi river (13 individuals) and smaller in the Ibare river (4 individuals).
The density we found in the Ibare river was lower than densities reported by Pilleri (1969) and Pilleri and Gihr (1977), 1.0 individual/[km.sup.2], although their surveys were conducted during dry season when the number of observations of dolphins is normally higher.
The dolphin densities in the Tijamuchi and Ibare rivers are still high compared to other areas (i.
For the Ibare river, the highest group number observed (four individuals) was low compared with the Tijamuchi; this could be possibly caused by much boat traffic on this river and/or larger human settlements along its banks which perhaps disrupts bufeo social structure (Aliaga-Rossel et al., 2006).
We found no correlation between the density of bufeos and water characteristics, nor did the rivers differ with respect to the measured characteristics, even though Tijamuchi river might be richer in nutrients and prey than the clear-water Ibare river due to influx of white water from the Mamore, and consequently it may be able to support larger groups of bufeos (Sioli, 1984; Aliaga-Rossel et al., 2006).
This paper presents data from the first standardized bufeo survey in the Ibare river and remarks on the increasing pollution in both rivers which requires immediate action.
Bu ibare ile beyanatinizin heyeti umumiyesi bence sayani kabuldur.