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IBASImproved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem
IBASInterceptor Body Armor System
IBASIntracom Broadband Access System
IBASInvestment Banking Advisory Services
IBASIntegrated Apogee Boost Subsystem
IBASInternational Business and Strategy (various locations)
IBASInstitute of Business and Accounting Studies (Zimbabwe)
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He said: "When IBAS was formed, the internet was in its infancy.
IBAS will look at the problem, adjudicate and determine a basis for settlement.
With its second-generation thermal imager, IBAS addresses the shortcomings of the first-generation common module FLIRs used on the M2A2 Bradley in Operation Desert Storm.
The IBAS enhances lethality through automated ballistics solutions and target tracking software.
Ibas recently expanded its own geographic reach and service offerings through its acquisition of Vogon International, a privately-held U.
The move was yesterday welcomed by IBAS manager Chris O'Keeffe, who said: "We are pleased that we have been recognised and that the Levy Board is showing signs of commitment to IBAS.
The acquisition, which requires acceptance by 90 percent of the IBAS shareholders and approval by the Norwegian and German competition authorities, is expected to be completed by the end of January.
Chris O'Keeffe, the IBAS service manager, explained that the organisation would be launching a website in about two months which would provide ready access to a list of members.
IBAS incorporates the HTI Second Generation B-Kit FLIR Thermal Imaging System produced by DRS, direct view optics, dual-aided target tracking capability, eye-safe laser range finder capability, a daylight television, and a two-axis stabilized pointing head mirror assembly.
THE Levy Board is to consider fresh initiatives to strengthen consumer protection for punters, with financial support for the arbitration service IBAS under discussion, writes David Ashforth.
Under separately awarded contracts, DRS produces the IBAS, which provides important enhancements to the M2A3 Bradley, including the incorporation of Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared (SG FLIR) technology, supporting the Army's Horizontal Technology Integration (HTI) initiative.
When they have a bet, they don't know whether they are protected by the IBAS machinery.