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IBASImproved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem
IBASInterceptor Body Armor System
IBASIntracom Broadband Access System
IBASInvestment Banking Advisory Services
IBASIntegrated Apogee Boost Subsystem
IBASInternational Business and Strategy (various locations)
IBASInstitute of Business and Accounting Studies (Zimbabwe)
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While IBAS uses a slightly different GEN II FLIR, more than 20 percent of IBAS hardware and 35 percent of IBAS software are common to the earlier ITAS.
The leading edge sighting system technologies that are being incorporated in the IBAS are critical to the Bradley A3 and provide increased target acquisition, greater stand-off ranges and improved survivability for our ground forces.
At the IBAS launch I well remember asking for the names of the panellists to be pub-lished.
In the meantime, no changes are planned for the 166 Ibas employees and Bjoern Arne Skogstad, former CEO of Ibas Holdings ASA, will remain in his leadership role for the Ibas group.
Warwick Bartlett, chairman of the Bookmakers' Committee, said: "The industry stands four-square behind IBAS and welcomes this opportunity to demonstrate its support.
As a result of the Vogon acquisition, IBAS has a total of 166 employees working at offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Poland, France, Singapore and the United States, as well as distributors and agents in a number of European and Asian countries.
latest annual strategy document which, under the heading `Punter Protection', now reads: "Consideration will be given to any application from IBAS for funding to expand the services it offers.
We also hope to arrange for internet bookmakers to display an IBAS logo on their sites, so that customers can choose to bet only with IBAS members.
IBAS incorporates the HTI Second Generation B-Kit FLIR Thermal Imaging System produced by DRS, direct view optics, dual-aided target tracking capability, eyesafe laser range finder capability, a daylight television, and a two-axis, stabilized pointing head mirror assembly.
But the Akins case has led to renewed calls for IBAS to be given stronger teeth.
Elliott added: "In the meantime, punters using the internet should ask the bookmaker if he is signed up to IBAS, and if he doesn't get a satisfactory answer, he should contact IBAS itself.
IBAS provides important enhancements to the M2A3 Bradley ground platform, including the incorporation of Horizontal Technology Integration (HTI) Second Generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) technology.