IBBEInternational Bio Business Education for Young Scientists (Oulu, Finland)
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Benefit from the advantage of IBC, anonymous IBBE can be an efficient option for designing mechanism of data access control in cloud storage service.
1 illustrates the system framework of data access control adopting anonymous IBBE in cloud storage service.
Furthermore, it is extremely challenging to achieve CCA2 security for anonymous IBBE schemes.
(2) We provide an adaptive CPRE (ACPRE) protocol with four types of ciphertext collaboration, which can achieve flexible and conditional data re-encryption among ciphertexts in IBE and IBBE manners.
IBE and IBBE techniques are both widely adapted to share data and guarantee data confidentiality in cloud [14].
To overcome key escrow problem of IBBE, a natural way is to adopt the corresponding approaches of IBE.
Identity-based Broadcast Encryption (IBBE) was introduced by Delerablee [7] in 2007.
The IBBE can be seen as an extension of the IBE, by allowing one to encrypt a message once for many receivers.
The sharing data in our scheme is encrypted with CP-ABE and IBBE techniques, which are secure against chosen plaintext attack since the DBDH assumption holds [23, 28].
[12] presented an IBBE scheme using dual encryption technique that achieves adaptive security in standard model using static assumptions.
We focus on IBBE scheme with constant size ciphertexts.
Identity-based broadcast encryption (IBBE) [13][14] is a generalization of IBE.