IBBLInstitut Biblique Baptiste Libre (French: Free Baptist Bible Institute)
IBBLIntegrated Biobank of Luxembourg
IBBLIslami Bank Bangladesh Limited
IBBLIslami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
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IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) is an autonomous not-for-profit institute dedicated to supporting biomedical research for the benefit of patients.
With the new payments processing system IBBL will be able to rapidly expand its ATM network, start VISA(R) issuance and acquiring, and add new delivery channels, BNAs and kiosks.
Leveraging electra, IBBL will be empowered to create a differentiated customer experience through personalized offerings, bundled products and enriched segment specific portfolio.
Today, IBBL has brought 600,000 poor families in 14,500 villages under the bank's Islamic microfinance scheme, known as Rural Development Scheme (RDS).
Therefore, analysis of the efficiency of IBBL comparison with other Islamic and conventional counterparts it is very important to provide a big picture of the strengths and weaknesses of IBBL and its competitors.
These measures could also be used as a guide for IBBL to improve its weakness to be able to compete head to head with other Islamic and conventional banks and to achieve the intended goals to improve the market share.
There are six types of conventional banks, namely public conventional bank, conventional domestic foreign bank, conventional domestic bank, conventional bank having Islamic windows and full-fledged Islamic bank and IBBL (the first Islamic bank in Bangladesh).
The main objective of this research is to evaluate the sustainable development as well as performance of Rural Development Scheme (RDS) of IBBL.
To discuss about an overview of the micro credit program of RDS of IBBL
Nurul (2000) Islamic Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study of IBBL, International Journal of Islamic Services 1:4.
The IBBL will use Life Technologies' Applied Biosystems SOLiD[TM] System, the most accurate next generation sequencing platform available today, to sequence its wide range of samples.
We're pleased to become the sequencing technology partner to IBBL," said Mark Stevenson, President and Chief Operating Officer for Life Technologies.