IBBLIslami Bank Bangladesh Limited
IBBLIslami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
IBBLIntegrated Biobank of Luxembourg
IBBLInstitut Biblique Baptiste Libre (French: Free Baptist Bible Institute)
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IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) is an autonomous not-for-profit institute dedicated to supporting biomedical research for the benefit of patients.
Table I: Islamic banks in Bangladesh and participation of CCD activities Banks Establish Corporate Community Development activities in Bangladesh A T EB FOP HR DCS IBBL 1983 [check] [check] [check] [check] [check] [check] ICBIBL 1987 [check] [check] [check] [check] AAIBL 1995 [check] [check] [check] [check] SIBL 1995 [check] [check] [check] [check] EXIM 1999 [check] [check] [check] [check] [check] FSIB 1999 [check] [check] [check] [check] [check] SJIBL 2001 [check] [check] [check] [check] [check] UBL 2013 [check] [check] Total=8 Average CCD activities of Islamic banks in Bangladesh Banks Result E IBBL [check] 100% ICBIBL [check] 63% AAIBL 50% SIBL 50% EXIM [check] 75% FSIB [check] 88% SJIBL [check] 75% UBL 38% Total=8 67%
Established in 1983, IBBL is the first Islamic bank in South-East Asia having the largest branch network among the private sector banks in Bangladesh.
IBBL, whose deposits grew to 392 billion taka (US$4.72 billion or Dh17.57 billion) in recent months, serves 6.5 million customers.
Regarding the bank's business in Bangladesh, he said that the IBBL has opened 10 new branches by the end of November this year, taking the total number of branches to 261.
Therefore, analysis of the efficiency of IBBL comparison with other Islamic and conventional counterparts it is very important to provide a big picture of the strengths and weaknesses of IBBL and its competitors.
The main objective of this research is to evaluate the sustainable development as well as performance of Rural Development Scheme (RDS) of IBBL. In this context, the following objectives have been set to have a critical evaluation of sustainability of the said micro finance model in terms of financial and economical viability and outreach:
Alam (2000) undertook a case study to examine the contribution of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) towards small and rural sector.
CAPM IBBL Islamic MF was the most traded stocks till then with shares worth Tk 28 million changing hands, closely followed by Asian Tiger Sandhani Life Growth Fund, Sea Pearl Beach, Monno Ceramic and Fortune Shoes.
It is seen that social leadership capacity is enhanced by the respondents after joining IBBL and GB.
National Bank, Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd (IBBL), and BRAC Bank have some special saving schemes that are accessible to migrants abroad.