IBCNINTEC Broadband Communication Networks (Belgium)
IBCNIntegrated Broadband Communications Network
IBCNInternational Breast Cancer & Nutrition (various locations)
IBCNIndian Bird Conservation Network (India)
IBCNInternational Bladder Cancer Network (conference)
IBCNIndonesian Brain Circulation Network
IBCNIndirect Binary Cube Network
IBCNInternational B2B (Business to Business) Center Network (Chile)
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(2) Department of Information Technology (INTEC) - IBCN, Universiteit Gent, Gaston Crommenlaan 8, 9050 Ghent, Belgium
Mario Pickavet, Professor, Internet Based Communication and Services (IBCN) of Ghent University, who will highlight “Worldwide Electricity Consumption of ICT: Figures and Trends” as well as the actions needed to reduce the energy consumption of communication networks, personal computers and data centers, which represent about nine percent of today's global electricity use
Imec, the iMinds research group IBCN at iMinds-UGent and iMinds-VUB are currently generalizing the architecture and software to create a module for multi-standard wireless and wireline communication, with expertise from the different industrial partners.