IBCRInstitute of Biodiversity Conservation and Research (Ethiopia)
IBCRInternational Bureau for Children´s Rights (UN)
IBCRInstitute for Breast Cancer Research (Canada)
IBCRIRIS (Image Recognition Integrated Systems) Business Card Reader (Belgium)
IBCRInfluence-Based Channel Reservation
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The IBCR is calculated by comparing the BCR (or IBCR) from one improvement option to the BCR (or IBCR) associated with another base case alternative.
The complete IBCR II for Mac solution comprises both the dedicated I.
The IBCR II for Mac is available in the distribution and retail channels for Mac OS products, in Europe, in the USA and in Asia at EUR 199 (Suggested Retail Price, VAT included) as well as on I.
The IBCR II quickly turns all business cards into electronic information to share, use and archive your contacts effectively without manual retyping.
You can use your IBCR II to scan your favorite photos and share them with friends and family members.
The IBCR II is lightweight and portable and can travel with you anywhere without the need for a power supply.
The IBCR II is available in retail and etail outlets and at www.
IBCR II supports all American and European business card
The IBCR II scans your business cards and your photos in
The IBCR II connects to the USB port and is powered by the USB