IBCSGInternational Breast Cancer Study Group
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IBCSG has been and continues to be a pioneer in research into combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies, assessment of quality of life of breast cancer patients, tailored treatment investigations, evaluating endocrine therapies and translational research.
Rum Ekhtiar of Ruder Finn, +1-212-593-5821, Mobile: +1-917-331-1690, for IBCSG; or Nadia Munarini, PhD of IBCSG, +41-31-389-92-27, Mobile: +41-79-207-45-82
Rum Ekhtiar of Ruder Finn, +1-212-593-5821, mobile, +1-917-331-1690, for The International Breast Cancer Study Group; Nadia Munarini, PhD, of IBCSG +41-31-389-92-27, mobile, +41-79-207-45-82
The IBCSG has traditionally performed studies in special populations such as older women.