IBCTInfantry Brigade Combat Team
IBCTInternational Board of Certified Trainers (various locations)
IBCTInterim Brigade Combat Team (US Army)
IBCTInitial Brigade Combat Team
IBCTInstitute for Business Continuity Training
IBCTIngénierie et Biologie Cellulaire et Tisulaire
IBCTInternational Blogger Championship Tournament
IBCTIncorrect Blood Product Transfused
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So where does C Troop fit in with the IBCT's reconnaissance?
In the process, the 2nd iBCT added 1,237 pieces of equipment, cut 432 pieces of equipment, and divested more than 3,712 items of excess equipment worth approximately S52.7 million dollars.
Although the current IBCT reconnaissance "platoon" manning is confusing, placing one of these reconnaissance squads in each IBCT was the logical way to proceed--even if the appropriate equipment was not available.
During OEF VII, C Company, 710th Brigade Support Battalion (BSB), 3d IBCT, sent 24 of its 27 female medics on missions with maneuver elements.
Also, the IBCT does not have the same kind of firepower usually found in a heavy corps, according to Smith.
[17] From this perspective, the IBCT is designed to bolster the current Legacy Force by enhancing the ability of the regional CINCs and Joint Task Force commanders to respond.
1LT Kobor served as the Platoon Leader for the MFT Platoon, Delta Co, 29th BEB, 3rd IBCT, 25th ID, from June 2014 to August 2015, including JRTC rotation 15-07.
(Robinson points out that even though the division's 105mm guns are not deployed to Afghanistan, he is responsible for the targeting of the division's mortars and the British 105mm guns they call on.) "Heavy field artillery transformation has been delayed with the cancellation of the Crusader system; however, that system was not integral to the initial Army Transformation currently being waged through the IBCTs Interim Brigade Combat Teams).
"We want to take that capability and put it into the LAVs for the [interim brigade combat teams] IBCTs and get away from the big heavy systems," said Boutelle.
After returning from Ukraine and graduating the Defense Strategic Debriefing Course, SGT Martinez developed and provided training on tactical questioning and detainee operations for the Soldiers of the 2-503rd Infantry (A), 173rd IBCT (A).