IBDGInorganic Biochemistry Discussion Group (est. 1975; UK)
IBDGInternet Business Development Group (Christchurch, New Zealand)
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E.coli produces blue colonies on MI Blue under ambient light due to the breakdown of IBDG by the bacterial enzyme b-Glucurondase.
The IBDG Ingenieurbro fr Haustechnik GmbH, Plabennecstrae 22, 87448 Waltenhofen, Germany, was selected for planning the basic building and pre - planning ( 55 HOAI, Lph 1 and Lph 2) in October 2016 with the planning services for the technical building equipment (HLS) Building project.
Contractor name : IBDG INGENIEURBE[pounds sterling]RO FE[pounds sterling]R HAUSTECHNIK GMBH