IBDQInflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire
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The total IBDQ ranges from 32 (very poor quality of life) to 224 (perfect quality of life).
Most summary scores in WHODAS 2.0 and IBDQ did not follow the normal distribution.
Zhou, "Validation of the mainland Chinese version of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire (IBDQ) for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease," Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, vol.
The recruited patients were assessed with the help of CDAI, IBDQ (German Version of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gesundheitswesen 2005; 67: 656-664) and 21-item HAMD (Hamilton's Depression Scale) at baseline (week 0).
The IBDQ and RFPIC parameters revealed no improvement in health-related quality of life and no serious adverse events were encountered.
Secondary outcome criteria were: (a) patients in remission (defined as a CDAI score <150 points and total steroid withdrawal) in each group at week 24, (b) quality of life measured by the IBDQ at baseline and last value compared to baseline between both groups, and (c) number of patients in each group with AZA-related side effects.
Starting with the first maintenance dose, patients receiving natalizumab had significantly higher IBDQ scores than did those treated with placebo.
There was a steady improvement in CD symptoms in 18 patients (90%) who received wormwood in spite of tapering of steroids as shown by CDA-Index, IBDQ, HAMD, and VAS.
In the new quality of life analysis, IBDQ scores were significantly better in the sargramostim group than in the placebo group by 29 days after the start of treatment, and this advantage was maintained throughout the 57-day treatment period and out to 30 days following the end of treatment.
IBDQ consists of 32 items that are divided into four dimensions, assessing bowel symptoms, systemic symptoms, emotional, and social function [24].
QoL was assessed 1 year after ileostomy takedown using the age-adjusted Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) Short Form-15 (SF-15) [8] and the inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire (IBDQ) [9] for the children and adults, respectively.