IBDSSIntegrated Base Defense Security System
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contract and other IBDSS orders, as compared to the 2004 period, where the fulfillment of orders mostly entailed the shipment of higher gross margin products and services.
The rapid expansion of our IBDSS orders is a testament to the positive response we've received from the Air Force following our initial installations under this program," continued Mr.
Richard Deyulio, a military technical expert with extensive project management experience, as Senior Project Manager to spearhead the Air Force program is an important indicator of the company's outlook as the United States Air Force, Force Protection Office has moved to increase the number of air force bases to be covered under the IBDSS base security upgrades program by more than 1,000 percent.
The IBDSS program includes Intrusion detection systems designed to prevent unauthorized entry or access to large, medium and small military facilities.
ECSI's revenue as a prime contractor under the multi-year, multi-million dollar IBDSS program is accelerating as evidenced by the company record sales in fiscal '05.
Over the past year ECSI was selected by the US Air Force for its major five year IBDSS contract to protect thirty-four facilities worldwide, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center.
Office, Hanscom Air Force Base of a five year IBDSS contract
With effectiveness, reliability and ease of use validated in system deployments throughout the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Afghanistan, the Fiber Defender was also a natural choice for the IBDSS program," states Mark Thomas, Fiber SenSys' Sales Manager.
We are very impressed with Applied DNA Sciences' advanced embedded-DNA technology, and look forward to enhancing their products for the IBDSS program and our existing distribution networks," said Arthur Barchenko, chief executive officer of ECSI International, Inc.
Their IBDSS program will be deployed October 2003 through September 2008 to protect classified facilities.