IBDTInternational Business Development Team, Inc. (Glenview, IL)
IBDTIrish Beer Drinking Team
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The study depicts the magnitude and degree of the effects of the antecedent factors of IBDT usage among SMEs in Bangladesh.
The structural equation estimates show that the environmental pressures are also supportive to the SMEs intention to use IBDT.
Those phenomena typically inhibit IBDT adoption and implementation, thus the construct was hypothesized to have a negative association with IBDT adoption and use.
The organizations have also been developed with some structured procedures and methods to perform their day-to-day activities and thus adoption of IBDT is not deemed contradictory in their existing working procedure.
The Bengali values are negatively related to IBDT usage intention, which reveals that the people of Bangladesh are respectful to their language and language martyrs so they feel honored and comfortable with a communication through Bengali.
The effects of various cultural dimensions, particularly power distance, uncertainty avoidance and Bengali values, are not complimentary to the adoption of IBDT in Bangladesh which suggests that the move to establishing a digital based SMEs are not straightforward or attuned with the cultural norms and values.
This study logically includes, Bengali values, a context related new variable which makes the theoretical framework comprehensive for assessing the impact of culture on IBDT usage by SMES in Bangladesh.
The practical contribution of the paper is to characterize the SMEs those are using IBDT such as the study shows that the SMEs having high perception of usefulness, ease of use of the technology, collective culture with a lower Bengali value based culture and those are demanded to use IBDT by their strong customer or parent organizations seem to be the high users of the IBDT technology.