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IBERTIntegrated Bit Error Rate Test
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Ibert is usually thought of as a composer of lightweight, elegant and witty music, and whilst many of the items on these two CDs exhibit these characteristics, a more serious side is shown by the String Quartet (partly written during the Second World War), with its deeply-felt slow movement and the Etude-caprice pour un tombeau de Chopin for solo cello.
Even when I was asked to play the Ibert concerto with the BBC orchestra there was no sudden thing--the world didn't suddenly say, "Jimmy Galway
I love doing the Ibert and Ravel Don Quichotte songs.
In Los Angeles Gleghorn played perhaps more classical repertoire than he had anticipated, making important recordings of Stravinsky, Webern, Ibert and Ravel as well as many Columbia Symphony sessions.
This piece, from incidental music by Jacques Ibert (1890- 1862), was originally composed for a nineteenth-century comedy entitled Un chapeau de paille d'ltalie (An Italian Straw Hat).
SUNDAY CBSO Youth Orchestra Academy: Conductor Michael Seal, violin Chloe Hanslip - Ibert, Rameau, Prokofiev, Anderson.
A contemporary of Ravel, Ibert is equally tuneful and playful but also occasionally quirky: this well-crafted work certainly merited a hearing.
A number of CDs already show the breadth of its repertoire: Taffanel, Milhaud, Ibert, Francaix, but also Rejcha, Foerster, Dvorak, and Haydn, Hindemith, Blumer, Klughardt or Maurice Ravel--Revolution 21 as well as W.
Tras el intermedio: Ocho por radio, de Silvestre Revueltas; Introduccion y Allegro, de Maurice Ravel; Capricho para diez instrumentos, de Jacques Ibert, y conclusion con Las danzas de la ciudad, de Eugenio Toussaint.
Treasures for Trumpet, with Robert Sullivan (trumpet) and James Rensink (piano) playing works by Gaubert, Ibert, Jolivet, Bernstein, Strauss, Puccini, and others.
The dancers explode exuberantly on to the stage in brightly coloured, sequined tops and white shorts and, to the irresistible music of Jacques Ibert (a silent cinema pianist in his youth and composer of the music for the classic film The Italian Straw Hat), perform a delightfully witty and irreverent pastiche of the American musicals.
The Xilinx ChipScope Pro Serial I/O Toolkit provides the IBERT core and is therefore a prerequisite for use of serial link optimizer.