IBESRInstitut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches (French: Institute of Social Welfare and Research; Haiti)
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Nativite is not the only orphanage reported as a place where minors are abused, as a British charity foundation and IBESR revealed in reports issued less than a year apart.
In February 2018, IBESR issued a report, Annuaire des Maisons d'Enfants, noting that over the past six years, it has closed down 160 orphanages.
"Not a month passes without several orphanages being shut down," IBESR said, adding that it "wages relentless combat against the appalling conditions" in such institutions.
Quoted in the report, IBESR Director Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin predicted that "150 to 200 other orphanages will have to be closed" between 2018 and 2020.
IBESR also reported that it was monitoring Notre Dame de la Nativite as "a precautionary measure aimed at checking on an orphanage's management through the institute's appropriate services."
NGOs reported that they had good working relationships with individual government officials, and the leadership of BPM and IBESR expressed commitment to helping child trafficking victims during the reporting period despite extremely limited resources--including lack of transportation to investigate cases.
In June 2012, IBESR launched a trafficking hotline and conducted a campaign to raise public awareness about child labor, child trafficking, and child sexual abuse among other child protection concerns.
Il est important de noter que la legislation sur les enfants en service date de 1961; l'IBESR a ete deja cree, soit en 1958, et le M.A.S en aout 1967.
Mais, l'IBESR n'a jamais fait grand-chose dans ce sens.
In an action that helped to prevent abuse of children and child trafficking, the newly installed head of IBESR closed several unregulated children care centers.
IBESR is able to provide some limited care to victims, and it did manage to reopen one shelter in Carrefour during the reporting period.