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IBEXInterstellar Boundary Explorer (NASA satellite)
IBEXInternational Boatbuilders' Exhibition & Conference
IBEXInternational Business Exchange (initiative funded by the European Commission)
IBEXInfrared Balloon Experiment
IBEXIsrael/Bible Extension
IBEXSpanish Stock Index
IBEXInput Block Extra (Alcatel)
IBEXItalian-NASA Balloon Experiment
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Talking to Dawn on Friday, conservator GB parks and wildlife department Yaqoob Ali Khan said the hunter had obtained permit for hunting of Himalayan Ibex for Rs100,000.
Coun Carl Marshall, Durham County Council's cabinet member for economic regeneration, said: "It's a real pleasure to see such an exciting company like IBEX innovations take root in County Durham, and I can't wait to see them go from strength to strength.
ibex is an end-to-end provider of technology-enabled Customer Lifecycle Experience (CLX) solutions.
The Nubian ibex could not be sent to any other facility housing hoofed animals, as those animals could contract the disease and die," the zoo said in a statement.
The government publishes advertisements in newspapers for legal hunting of ibex and successful bidder gets trophy hunting licence.
For instance, based on regional horn configuration and size, we consider there are four distinct ibex in Spain, which is unlikely from a pure scientific standpoint But as my friend, and much more accomplished mountain hunter, Rex Baker likes to say, "We don't make the rules; we just hunt the animals.
The first day was populated with several unsuccessful stalks and a quick realization that these ibex were no pushovers, and was capped off with a fantastic four-course meal.
Match-funded by InnovateUK, the IBEX project is driven by a consortium of small companies including Hunshelf Hall Farm in Wortley, near Sheffield, and unmanned vehicle specialist G32 Technologies.
Over the past six years, this fundamental work focused on our place in the solar system has become the gold standard for understanding our sun, our heliosphere and the interstellar environment around us," said David McComas, principal investigator of the IBEX mission at the Southwest Research Institute, or SwRI, in San Antonio, Texas.
Himalayan ibex (Capra ibex sibirica) is one of the ungulates inhabiting these areas.
The Asiatic ibex (Capra sibirica) is distributed in the mountains of Russian Siberia, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Central Asia (Schaller 1977), and is a threatened species in China.
A statement on Nord Pool's website says it signed a cooperation agreement with IBEX on Wednesday, 22 April, "aiming to prepare and facilitate the implementation of the first competitive Bulgarian day-ahead power market that will be extended with an intraday market at a later stage".