IBFANInternational Baby Food Action Network
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IBFAN (2014b), 'Why Non-Binding International Regulatory Instruments Do Not Work: A Case Study on Breastfeeding Protection', available online: http://breastfeedingandhr.
Instrument 4-A of the IBFAN Monitoring Project (IMPIII) and the Standard IBFAN Monitoring (SIM) was utilized.
IBFAN (Red Internacional de Grupos pro Alimentacion Infantil) fundado en 1979 para proteger la alimentacion infantil y vigilar el mercadeo de los sucedaneos de la leche materna.
IBFAN fought against a global campaign by commercial baby milk manufacturers to discourage women from breastfeeding (UNICEF estimates that 1.
The new round of monitoring coordinated last year by Action and backed by the International Baby Food Action Network, or IBFAN, revealed continued abuses of the code by the baby food giants.
El trabajo de IBFAN Red Internacional de Grupos pro Alimentacion Infantil), contribuyo en buena medida a su aprobacion.
To counter the impact of industry lobbying, IBFAN members have attended the WHO Executive Board meeting to make interventions in the debates on obesity and on infant feeding.
ENPACS: Estrategia Nacional Para Alimentacao Complementar Saudavel: Caderno do Tutor / Ministerio da Saude, Rede Internacional em Defesa do Direito de Amamentar - IBFAN Brasil.
The board of the Geneva Infant Feeding Association (GIFA), which hosts the IBFAN office in Geneva, is concerned about the reports coming in from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany relating to the contamination of tins of powdered infant formula and is of the opinion that health care professionals should be more completely informed about the risks inherent in the use of these products.
At least 20 countries have implemented all or nearly all of the provisions of the code into law, according to IBFAN, with more than two dozen others adopting many provisions into law.
So much of the monitoring actually is done by civil society organizations, in particular by IBFAN [the International Baby Food Action Network].