IBFMInternational Ballet Festival of Miami (Miami, FL)
IBFMIstituto di Bioimmagini e Fisiologia Molecolare (Italian)
IBFMInteracting Boson-Fermion Model (physics)
IBFMIntegrated Basin Flow Management (Mekong River Commission; Vientiane, Laos)
IBFMIndustria Briantea Ferramenta Minuterie (Galician: Brianti Minuterie Tool Industry)
IBFMInstitute for Banking, Finance and Management (India)
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The initiative, IBFM, is a special correspondent banking arrangement that will do away with remittance costs and transfer instructions for customers.
The launch of IBFM comes after the first anniversary of the strategic partnership between MUFG and SBC.
In a statement, Security Bank said the automated IBFM service enabled customers to do online collection and disbursement arrangements and instructions directly with Security Bank.