IBFTInfoplattform Barrierefreier Tourismus (Austria)
IBFTI Bleed for This? (zine)
IBFTIntegrated Battle Force Training
IBFTiSCSI Boot Firmware Table
IBFTInter Bank Fund Transfer
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Moreover, IBFT has largest share in overall PRISM transactions in terms of volume while securities transactions has highest share in terms of value which are 78.
The customers can ask about their account balances, generate mini-statement, pay utility bills, and transfer funds to another JS Bank account or to any other bank via IBFT, using JS Mobile.
A statement issued here on Monday said that with this pioneering initiative, Xpress Money through KASB Bank, will be the first to provide the IBFT service instantly to customers, which until now took at least 24 hours to get credited.
now known as Faisal Bank Limited), to the extent of interchange (bank to bank) fee for ATM cash withdrawal and IBFT services and also Utility Bill Payment Services (UBPS) Agreements entered into by 1-Link with utilities companies.
Whereas UBPS Agreement and IBFT Agreement entered into by 1-Link on behalf of its members also apparently fix the charges in respect of both services.
Similarly, 1-Link has signed Utility Bill Payment Agreements with utility companies and Internet Fund Transfer Agreement with TPS Pakistan (Pvt) Limited which, prima facie, fix the rates for UBPS and IBFT transactions respectively.