IBHCInvestment Bank Holding Company
IBHCIntercultural Behavioral Health Center
IBHCInstitute of Behavioral Health Care
IBHCInstitute of Bikol History and Culture
IBHCInclusion Body Hepatitis of Chickens
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This project conducted a statewide assessment of IBHC sites in Colorado and promoted policy changes to improve financial sustainability.
In summary, although this analysis only includes a sampling of states, it highlights how pioneering clinics and visionary foundations have spearheaded IBHC innovations.
Over the years, many of the state foundations that have provided grant support for IBHC projects have expanded their focus to promoting policy change and creating mechanisms for sustaining IBHC across all levels of the healthcare system.
Restrictions on same day services and specific codes needed for IBHC are not being recognized or reimbursed in many states (e.
Approach smaller local or state foundations and highlight how IBHC would align with a part of their mission (e.
Convene a meeting at the local, state and/ or regional level as a catalyst for developing partnerships and germinating ideas for IBHC projects.
We are struck by the fact that most progress and innovation in financially sustaining IBHC has happened through government and non-profit insurance plans and far less progress has been made in commercial insurance environments.
Compared to other healthcare sectors, IBHC services require an inordinate amount of faith from foundations to provide grant support and from healthcare systems to write-off expenses.
IBHC has been implemented more commonly in safety net settings, but even in this cohort the level of collaboration varies widely.
For IBHC to make reasonable use of resources (and move into the mainstream of healthcare), a system-wide and sustainable source of revenue will need to be adopted.
In 2007, the VA became the first governmental entity to support IBHC on a large scale (A.
For instance, a Pennsylvania coalition was awarded a CMMI transformation planning grant that mandates implementation of IBHC for all participating sites (N.