IBHSInstitute for Business and Home Safety
IBHSIngenieurbüro Höhne und Schreckenberger (German engineering company)
IBHSInland Behavioral and Health Services (San Bernardino, CA)
IBHSIntegrated Behavioral Health Services
IBHSIndependent Backpacker Hostels Scotland (now Scottish Independent Hostels; UK)
IBHSIntegrated Behavioral Health System (Ohio)
IBHSInternational Barbershop Harmony Society
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Independent research sponsored by the Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research (ACIIR) at the University of Alabama examined the effect of IBHS Fortified Home designations on home values in Mobile and Baldwin counties, finding that a) switching from a conventional construction standard to a Fortified designation increases the value of a home by nearly 7 percent holding all other variables constant; and, b) Fortified-grade properties or retrofitting a home to meet Fortified standards is an economically sound investment.
IBHS indicates that the distance between the ground and the bottom of the siding on the exterior wall also affects a building's vulnerability, particularly when walls are made of materials that can ignite.
The IBHS study was not able to determine the prior condition of the failed doors, but the evidence suggests that replacing older units with state-of-the-art doors is cost-effective.
Given its barrage of products and systems, the house qualifies under various yet complementary standards set by PATH, the IBHS, Energy Star and the U.
IBHS was spun off of parent company Behavioral Health Options 1-1/2 years ago in order to focus on the specific mental health needs, or mental health "overlay," of the geriatric population.
Among the preventive features recommended in the IBHS study were noncombustible siding, decking and roofing materials; covered vents; and fences not connected to the houses.
This is something everyone can learn from and use to help make their homes more resistant to the effects of the dramatic weather events," says Munich Re, US Head of Risk Accumulation and past IBHS Chairman Carl Hedde.
Several IBHS closed claims studies show that older buildings have higher claim frequencies in a variety of natural disasters.
IBHS cautions that the protector needs to have been tested to meet the proper standards and should be installed by a power company or a licensed electrician.
You can learn more about the IBHS Research center at www.
They have already invested in the IBHS Research Center to help them make this case.