IBIAInterior Board of Indian Appeals (US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs office)
IBIAInternational Biometrics Industry Association
IBIAInternational Biometric Industry Association (trade association founded in 1988)
IBIAInternational Brain Injury Association
IBIAIrish BioIndustry Association (Ireland)
IBIAInternet Brokerage Investment Association
IBIAInstitute for Biomedical Image Analysis
IBIAI Believe in Angels
IBIAIndian Board of Interior Appeals
IBIAInternal Bunker Industry Association
IBIAIndiana Business Incubator Association (Evansville, IN)
IBIAIngersoll Business Improvement Association (Canada)
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Trust, 11 IBIA 203, 206-208 (May 27, 1983) (articulating the general rule that the Department of the Interior "has no authority to hold land in Indian trust status for non-Indians" and suggesting that debt and other issues remaining after fee title has been transferred "are properly the subject of state court adjudication").
Marker Name Location IBIA Ibiza (hotel roof) IBIB Ibiza (hotel roof) SANA San Antonio (nautical club roof) SANB San Antonio (nautical club roof) PORT * Portinatx (room roof) Buoy Ibiza, San Antonio, Calibration (North) CATR Ibiza, San Antonio, Calibration (North) CATL Ibiza, San Antonio, Calibration (North) Marker Name From To IBIA 11/06 18h58 16/06 24h00 IBIB 12/06 08h29 16/06 24h00 SANA 11/06 12h49 16/06 07h53 SANB 11/06 13h24 16/06 07h32 PORT * 10/06 15h49 15/06 24h00 Buoy 11/06 15h33 16/06 07h37 CATR 11/06 15h34 16/06 07h37 CATL 12/06 08h24 16/06 09h48 * Data lacking on 11/06 from 08h09 to end of day Table 3.
Having served on the IBIA board for years, I have seen first hand the significant benefits of bringing leading biometric companies and security industry experts together to collaborate on how to most effectively promote the use of authentication technology," said Christer Bergman, vice president of Biometric Solutions, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.
See also, Estate of Reginald Paul Walkingsky, 52 IBIA 233 (2010) (reiterating the necessity of meeting eligible heir requirements as outlined by AIPRA to inherit highly fractionated interests).
Blumenthal has said he would fight the federal recognition process until it was changed and he would take the fight to the federal courts, if the IBIA favors the Nipmucs' appeals.
In the public sector, IBIA endorses the creation of legal standards to define and limit the conditions under which agencies of national security and law enforcement may acquire, access, store, and use biometric data.
IBIA fulfills its mission through advocacy and education.
The Gibraltar PortAuthority has been attending the IBIA Annual Convention held in Singapore this week.
The Port delegation also attended the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) general meeting hosted by the Rotterdam Port Authority, at which the new IBIA Port Charter was discussed.
The chairman of Egypt's International Business and Investment Association (IBIA), Ahmed Galal, said the IBIA is preparing to receive an Italian business delegation comprised of representatives from 50 Italian companies seeking investment opportunities in Egypt, Al-Shorouk newspaper reported Tuesday.
On behalf of the International Biometric Industry Association, I want to congratulate Lumidigm on this recognition from Popular Science," said IBIA Chairman and President Walter Hamilton.
The event will feature a first class two day IBIA Conference and Exhibition preceded by a number of professional training courses supported by the Gibraltar Port Operators' Association and its members.