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IBIDIbidem (Latin: At the Same Place)
IBIDInstitute for the Biotechnology of Infectious Diseases (Sydney, Australia)
IBIDIronbound Business Improvement District (Newark, NJ)
IBIDInstitute for Business and Industry Development
IBIDIsang Bansa, Isang Diwa (Filipino: One Country, One Spirit)
IBIDIndian Business Insight Database (est. 1993)
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The Ibid 50 tabletop stand allows users the flexibility needed for desktop brainstorming sessions, design collaboration, conference room table presentations and technical field support.
In addition to simply printing high quality copies with Ibid digital whiteboards, meeting notes can be instantly e-mailed to all meeting participants or shared with remote participants as they are being developed on the whiteboard.
It is a great compliment to our product and employees every time Ibid is chosen for an award.
MicroTouch Ibid digital whiteboards are designed for offices, cubicles, conference and training rooms.
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The same volume also contains the following articles: Harold Perkin, "Social History in Britain," ibid.
in daylight or cool white'" (Artforum, December 1965), in ibid.
Ibid 52: E sia certo di questo ancora, che, se tu avvertirai bene, tu conoscerai s' uno nato o allevato in Firenze, a nel contado: perche' questi comunemente rirengono ancora un certo che di rozzo nel pronunciare, e non possan lasciarlo senza qualche difficulta.