IBILIon Beam Induced Luminescence
IBILIndustrielle Betriebe Igis-Landquart (German; Swiss utilities supplier)
IBILInsurance Brokers International Limited (New Zealand)
IBILInternational Building Industries Limited (Nerang, Queensland, Australia)
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The levels of GGT, ALP, TBIL, DBIL, IBIL, and PR were evaluated in blood serum, as markers of function of hepatocytes and cholangiocytes, and the significant differences are depicted in Tables 6 and 7.
Table 7: DBIL, IBIL, and PR statistical significant differences.
In Guatemala, a similar phenomenon is represented in the Maya mam rock group Itz'x Qanq'ibil ("Survivors," or "Sobrevivencia" in Spanish).
Moreover, we could see Chavez' poetry and Itz 'x Qanq 'ibil's music as processes that represent the construction and expansion of indigenous knowledge and the creation of new cultural, epistemological, discursive, and transnational horizons that allow the continuance of Mayaness in the present and future.
In some cases, however, the reliance on these translations becomes apparent--for instance, the Dictionary takes the more obscure meaning of ibil (clouds) used by Muhammad Asad in his translation of Q.
During a visit to a command camp in the southern border village of Ayn Ibil, in his first address to LAF troops, newly appointed LAF commander Jean Qahwaji stated that "there is an enemy lying in wait for the entire homeland at our southern border, and he has been reminding us for six decades--through his actions, violations, and ambitions, that he has been and continues to be our principle enemy." (21) Critics of this position argue that, even if the LAF were hostile towards Israel, the force itself is no match for Israel's military apparatus and therefore this argument should not be employed to halt or limit U.S.
El-Khalil's words came before popular delegations from the Southern towns of Hasbaya, Mimes, Fardis, Ibil el-Saqi and Kfar Hamem who visited him earlier today.
A film by Nada Raphael was also screened, showing towns and villages such as Rashaya, Ain Ibil, Hermel and Sidon, where Muslims and Christians have been coexisting for centuries.
41: In the quote from Esarhaddon, arhisamma is not translated; nabat, is a misprint for nabat, sulum for sullum, and ibil for ib il; the word iskimbus should have been included after ukallim.
Social Affairs Minister, Selim Sayegh, spent a whole day along the South Lebanon borderline today, divided between the Southern towns of Rmeish and Ain Ibil, accompanied by a ministerial delegation.
Following the religious mass, Minister Sayegh attended a luncheon banquet, accompanied by Ambassador Kikia, which honored 200 elderly men and women from the borderline villages of Rmeish, Ain Ibil, Kawzah and Yaroun, held at the Mountain Gate Restaurant.