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IBIPInformation-Based Indicia Program (USPS)
IBIPIndustrial Building Incentive Program (Natural Resources Canada)
IBIPIllinois Ballot Integrity Project (Chicago, IL)
IBIPInternet Bill Inquiry and Payment (various hospitals)
IBIPIn-Band Intermodulation Products
IBIPIntegrated Border Intelligence Program
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Terminology Yousem and Dacic, (7) 2002 10 IBIP de Carvalho et al, (8) 2002 12 CLF Churg et al, (9) 2004 12 ACIF Fukuoka et al, (10) 2005 15 PBM Mark et al, (11) 2008 31 BIP Abbreviations: ACIF, airway-centered interstitial fibrosis; BIP, bronchi-olitis interstitial pneumonia; CLF, centrilobular fibrosis; IBIP, idiopathic bronchiolocentric interstitial pneumonia; PBM, peribronchiolar meta-plasia.
PT IBIP, the report said, is seeking to cooperate with the East Kalimantan Regional Administration to accommodate the aspirations of the local community.
If the plan goes as expected the regional administration of East Kalimantan and IBIP will establish a holding company to be named PT Melati Bhakti Satya (MBS) to control the 51% stake.
The Postal Service has mandated the removal of all mechanical imprint (letter press) meters and is now only approving IBIP compliant meters.
Show Attendees Are First To View ultimail: The Highly Efficient IBIP
The USPS initiated the IBIP standards as a digital solution for reducing mail fraud, increasing levels of metered mail and making mail delivery more efficient for users.
Additionally, the IJ105 utilizes Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology ensuring an "ultra-secure," two-dimensional IBIP postage indicia with crisp, clear print quality.
Atlan Laboratories is an independent third-party laboratory providing information security assurance, FIPS 140-2, and USPS IBIP validation services for its U.