IBIRInternational Breast Implant Registry
IBIRInternational Business Information Report
IBIRInstitute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction
IBIRInteroperability of Biological Information Resources
IBIRIn-Band Interference Rejection
IBIRInternet Background Investigative Research (Whetstone Security Group, Inc.)
IBIRInternal Band Irradiance Response
IBIRInternational Brain Injury Recovery
IBIRInitial Borrower Interest Rate
IBIRimage-based information retrieval
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The liquidity level (Liq) is correlated with the level of loan portfolio (Loan), the interest margin (IM), the size and type of banks, and with economic environment variables (IBIR and M3/GDP).
El plan propuesto por Lar rainzar, para escr ibir la Historia general de mexico fue el que siguio Zamacois y el mexico a traves de los siglos debe reconocerse tambien como tributario de dicho plan.
The city of SJRP has 415,000 inhabitants (10th in the state of So Paulo), is located 440 km East of So Paulo and is close to cities such as Olmpia, Uchoa, Ibir and Guaraci.