IBIRInternational Breast Implant Registry
IBIRInternational Business Information Report
IBIRInstitute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction
IBIRInteroperability of Biological Information Resources
IBIRIn-Band Interference Rejection
IBIRInternational Brain Injury Recovery
IBIRimage-based information retrieval
IBIRInitial Borrower Interest Rate
IBIRInternal Band Irradiance Response
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Therefore, we will regress three types of equation: one with Liq, Portf and GDPGR as explicative variables, second with Loan, Size and IBIR as explicative variables, and the last with IM, Foreign and M3/GDP as explicative variables.
On the other hand, the coefficients of the IM and IBIR variables become significant.
005 Variables Foreign IBIR (-1) M3/GDP(-1) GDPGR(-1) Liq -0.