IBISTInterconnect Built-In Self-Test
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As a consequence, real-time validation, test and debug using the Intel IBIST embedded instrumentation technology is imperative if a manufacturer is to assure the functionality and quality of its AICs to the fullest.
Thus, Intel and ASSET have collaborated to expand the deployment of Intel IBIST in validation use at memory suppliers.
The ScanWorks DDR3 toolkit employs the Intel IBIST embedded instrumentation in an Intel processor to drive data patterns onto the bus that connects the processor to DDR3 memory devices.
The nonintrusive IBIST functionality can be applied in a number of ways including structural electrical tests in NBT applications.
IBIST is particularly useful on high speed serial buses like QPI and PCle.
The ScanWorks validation tools for Intel[R] IBIST include functionality to perform bit error rate testing (BERT) as well as margining tests.
With increasing signaling rates in modern platform designs, IBIST tools such as the ASSET ScanWorks platform have become necessary for the verification of those interfaces," said Gene Pitts, Data Center Platform Application Engineering (DCPAE) Director at Intel.
The embedded IBIST instrumentation is employed by ScanWorks to perform margining and bit error rate testing (BERT) on high-speed buses like QPI and PCIe.
We also expect that other semiconductor companies will deploy Intel IBIST, and we will be well positioned to support them as well.
mMaster Support for Atom Joins ASSET's ScanWorks[R] Support for Intel([R])'s IBIST Embedded Instrumentation Technology for Design Validation, Test and Debug
RICHARDSON, Texas -- ASSET InterTech is expanding its ScanWorks[R] system by adding signal integrity analysis applications that support Intel's next-generation embedded instrumentation technology, Intel([R]) IBIST (Interconnect Built In Self Test).
6 for testing high-speed AC-coupled buses and Intel[R] IBIST (Interconnect Built In Self Test), depend upon the JTAG infrastructure to perform their functions.