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IBKInnsbruck (Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria)
IBKIndustrial Bank of Korea
IBKInternationale Bodenseekonferenz
IBKInvestment Banking
IBKInfectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (cattle ocular infection)
IBKIdiot Behind Keyboard
IBKIdrettsforeningen Birkebeineren Krokstadelva (Krokstadelva, Buskerud, Norway)
IBKInternational Bookkeeping Course
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IBK was established by GOK in 1961 under the IBK Act for the purpose of developing and supporting SMEs.
The structure of the financing will be determined in the coming weeks after recommendations from IBK have been submitted to the board of DMDD.
IBK continues to enjoy assured solvency protection under the IBK Act.
The capital infusions are determined by the Article 43 of the IBK Act, which legally obligates the government to cover losses at the bank if its capital reserve is not capable, thereby effectively guaranteeing IBK's solvency.
The units comprising the second tranche of the IBK Private Placement, and any shares issued pursuant to the exercise of the warrants, are subject to a four month hold period expiring on March 1, 2005.
Under the agreement, IBK will borrow JPY20bn from SMBC at a premium of 398 basis points to yen Libor while SMBC will borrow KRW300bn (USD224m) from IBK at 45 basis points above Korea's certificate of deposit rate.
for acting as agent, receives a cash commission of $45,004 from the proceeds of the IBK Private Placement.
The municipality is authorized to WOMA and IBK perform this tender.
Hawkins, President of Tandem, disposed of 12,000,000 common shares by way of a private transaction with IBK Capital Corp.
5 million shares of its common stock held in escrow by IBK Capital Corp.
the Company") (OTC Bulletin Board: CCRE) is pleased to announce that it has engaged IBK Capital Corp.