IBLCInternational Booksellers'and Librarians' Centre
IBLCIndiana Black Legislative Caucus
IBLCInternational Bible Learning Center
IBLCIndependent Broadcast Locals Council
IBLCIndianapolis Business Learner Corpus
IBLCInteractive Broadcast Learning Centre
IBLCInformation Basis for Landscape Classification
IBLCInternational Business Law Center, Inc.
IBLCIssue-Based Life Cycle
IBLCInternational Buying and Logistic Center (Philips Lighting Poland)
IBLCInternational Business Law Consortium
IBLCInstitut Belgo-Luxembourgeois du Change (French: Belgium and Luxembourg Exchange Institute)
iBLCInternet Low Bitrate Codec
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As the IBLC and BFP formulas use different bases for arriving at South African refinery gate prices, however, the new formula may at any given point in time be lower or higher than the IBLC would have been, depending on the timing of adjustments to the various formula components.
It was established by CILS- the Center for International Legal studies as a means to assist IBLC member firms in participating in the Center's publishing, conference, study, professional development programs and to further the research and scholarship programs of the Center.
The strategic alliance provides for the creation of the Premier Dental Products Group to expand and strengthen the marketing and sales network for the entire line of Premier dental laser systems and products, including the IBLC multi-operatory argon laser system.
By combining our direct sales resources with the IBLC network of approximately twenty manufacturer's representatives and its tele-marketing programs to form the Premier Dental Products Group, we expect to significantly expand Premier's sales and marketing reach and strengthen the company's competitive position in the dental market.