IBMERInstitute for Building, Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (Poland)
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Additionally, the company is expanding its community service grants by 140 percent over the previous year for not for profit organizations globally that partner with IBMers in their service activities.
Other examples of crowdscourcing at IBM include Voyage, a wiki where IBMers publish, update, edit and share tips related to business travel.
Spears said TDSP 401(k) is written for IBM only, "and goes to around 250,000 active IBMers and retirees or others who have 'separated from service' who have tax deferred saving plans.
Watson could be a benevolent boss, but even IBMers who worshipped him never considered Watson a friend or, given his obsessiveness, a very pleasant person to be around.
It is not surprising IBMers have acted with such speed and fury, nor is it surprising to see this effort continue.
There were IBMers who literally didn't know how to talk without foils.
Fred joined several other IBMers in 1969 to start JOMEC, a firm that attempted the first commercial product development of "flying floppy" or Bernoulli disk drive.
But despite the cultural change you can still spot old IBMers a mile off - they are the ones who look uncomfortable in their jeans on dress-down day and never hold hands in the car park.
By the end of 1994, 20,000 IBMers who had been sitting at desks were telecommuting," says Frank, whom Fortune magazine later dubbed "the father of telecommuting.
Rather, it's how traditional IBMers interact, work, think, and relate.
If you could, would you wipe out desktop publishing, saving not only all those IBMers but also untold numbers of typesetters and paste-up artists?
Any time IBM announces a product, this database is updated simultaneously enabling all IBMers worldwide to access the latest information and provide it to customers.