IBMERInstitute for Building, Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture (Poland)
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The benefits of this program are assumed to be that "IBMers [are provided] with an exemplary form of leadership training and development.
In all, IBM hired 26 new employees in two days in Bratislava to start their long and prosperous careers as IBM employees, or as the company calls them, "IBMers."
As a included." long-time IBMer, I believe ..." Use of non-human subject of clauses * The company can't rely on the current complaint statistics (rather than "We can't rely on our current statistics.") * "A consideration of the time frame is also important (rather than "We should consider the time frame ..." Objectivity Degree to which communicator focuses on the work itself, depersonalizing tasks, problems, and concerns, concentrating on what needs to be done to solve a problem or to address a concern rather than on who may be to blame.
Time and again, employees complained that false and misleading statements were made not just to IBMers, but to the public and even to Congress.
"The operating principle was, don't make the boss unhappy," says one longtime IBMer. This attitude, she adds, did incalculable damage to the company.
"At IBM, we already have an online environment that manages almost every aspect of an IBMer's work, regardless of physical venue," says Mike Wing, VP of strategic communications at IBM.
"Frequently Asked Questions (IBMer Questions Regarding the IBM FAQ Sheet)," June 8, 1999 (
Founded over 41 years ago, and headed by pioneer IBMer Paul Goldner, Database America's (DBA) long suit is its unique ability to manage information.
Bob Rogers, an IBMer for thirty-three years, is a former army captain and Vietnam War veteran.
Bob Rogers, an IBMer for thirty-three years, is president, Global Medical Data, Inc.
In 1980, Chairman Frank Cary charged a maverick IBMer, Don Estridge, to produce a personal computer as soon as possible at IBM's remote facility at Boca Raton, Florida.