IBMPInteragency Bison Management Plan (Montana)
IBMPInstitute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research (Germany)
IBMPInstitute for Biomedical Problems (Moscow, Russia)
IBMPInternational Breast Milk Project
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IBMP has provided over 288,682 ounces, or 72,170 bottles, of life-giving donor breast milk to infants in South Africa suffering from HIV/AIDS, malnourishment, poverty and disease.
Under the five-year agreement, which began November 20, 2010, Prolacta will process all donor breast milk collected through IBMP.
Additionally, Prolacta will donate one dollar to IBMP for every ounce of milk that remains in the U.
Since Prolacta and IBMP began partnering in 2007, Prolacta has processed over 262,000 ounces of milk for IBMP, which is the equivalent of 65,000 meals.
Amanda Nickerson, Executive Director of IBMP, explained, "We support Milk Matters in Cape Town, and iThemba Lethu in Durban because one-third of the people in several South African towns are HIV positive which makes recruiting healthy local milk donors exceedingly difficult.
As of this year, IBMP has provided over 267,682 ounces, or 66,920 bottles, of life-giving donor breast milk to infants in South Africa.
I am thrilled that so many women across the country are as passionate about this issue as I am," said Jill Youse, founder of IBMP.
While we are still a small, startup organization, we felt that IBMP was working towards such an amazing and noble cause, that there was no question in our mind as to whether we should help.
IBMP seeks to help the youngest victims of Africa's AIDs pandemic by enabling mothers from across the United States to help infants on the other side of the world in a way that only a mother can -- by providing them with their donated breast milk.