IBNSIdentity Based Networking Services
IBNSIdentity Based Networking Services (CISCO)
IBNSIntelligent Banknote Neutralization System
IBNSInternational Banknote Society
IBNSInternational Behavioural Neuroscience Society
IBNSIpratropium Bromide Nasal Spray (rhinology)
IBNSInfectious Bacterial Neonatal Syndrome (obstetrics)
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I believe, before we annexed the country, Ibn Makarrah dropped down on 'em once--to train his young men--and simply hewed 'em in pieces.
"They got converted to civilization after my Chief smashed Ibn Makarrah--just at the time I wanted 'em.
(You get used to little things like that.) He said he'd found it, and please would I identify, because if it was one of Ibn Makarrah's men there might be a reward.
He brought me news when I was down with fever at Dupe that one of Ibn Makarrah's men was parading through my District with a bunch of slaves--in the Fork!"
Ibn Hankal, the Arabian geographer, describes a heroic extreme in the hospitality of Sogd, in Bukharia.