IBODISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Bandwidth on Demand
IBODIsdn Bandwidth on Demand Daemon
IBODInternational Board of Directors
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We chose to work with TM Robotics on this new IBOD based on the rigidity of its strong SCARA Toshiba Machine robots, first and foremost," said Michael Doke, executive vice president of CASI.
Baylon, in his letter, said IBOD has been trying to find ways to settle its P66-million unpaid bills to NGCP in 2013.
He said the board of directors of the Halifax/ Northampton affiliate had voted to ask the IBOD to reinstate Fuller as the organization's leader.
Back-end buses: Every FC-AL disk has two ports for connection to two independent FC-AL loops, and every IBOD runs two PC-AL buses to each disk slot, but this redundancy does not guarantee high availability.