IBOEInternational Box Office Essentials (film industry analytics website)
IBOEInternational Board of Education
IBOEInternational Bill of Exchange (payment method)
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The World Bank only promised to give partial risk guarantees to the Qua Iboe project if the Nigerian government implements agreed power-sector reforms, which may take some time.
Food and feeding habits and condition factor of fish species in Qua Iboe River Estuary, Akwa Ibom State, Southeastern, Nigeria.
The Kalamos tanker had been sailing at Qua Iboe, a waterway between Cameroon and Nigeria, when it was attacked, in an incident which highlighted the growing threat of violence off oilrich West Africa.
coast of Nigeria at Qua Iboe with 23 crew aboard, among them 10 Greek
The legal logic supporting the financial facade of an IBOE often features a blend of pseudo-Christianity mixed with common-law trappings.
Africa's largest oil producer raised the premiums of Qua Iboe and Bonny Light crudes to $1.20 a barrel over Dated Brent for November, from $1.10 in October, according to state-run Nigerian National Petroleum Co.
Some of these centres are owned by Faith Based Organizations, e.g Holley Memorial Hospital in Ochadamu, Kogi State; Qua Iboe Church Hospital in Ekpene Obom, Akwa Ibom State.
The experience of the Qua Iboe Mission, which from the late nineteenth century had been the primary mission in the area and which had collaborated with the colonial government, provides a revealing instance.
Light sweet international crudes from West Africa like Nigerian Qua Iboe or Angolan Cabinda are also rallying.
Exports of four Nigerian crude oil grades, including the largest stream, Exxon Mobil's Qua Iboe, were under force majeure for all or part of November.
(2006), who have recorded acidic pH (6.36) in the rainy season in mangrove sediment of Qua Iboe Estuary.
This result is not in agreement with some other species studied in the country for Synodontis schall in Zaria, Nigeria (37) for Cynoglossus species of Qua Iboe (38) and Cross River Systems of South East Coast, Nigeria for Macrognathus pancalus (39), who had more females than males but with a few exception of some monthly male dominance.