IBOEInternational Box Office Essentials (film industry analytics website)
IBOEInternational Board of Education
IBOEInternational Bill of Exchange (payment method)
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The legal logic supporting the financial facade of an IBOE often features a blend of pseudo-Christianity mixed with common-law trappings.
The light ones were Iboes and the black ones were Congoes.
BOISE Idaho BIOSE (OED), BISEO (OED cell 1305q), BOEIS (pl of boei, Dutch precursor of buoy, OED buoy), BOIES (OED bole), BOSIE (OED), I-BEOS (pl of I-beo, past part of be, OED), IBOES (pl of iboe, OED water 1918q), IOBES (proper noun, OED Saturn 888q), OBEIS (OED obey), OBIES (OED US Theatre awards), SEIBO (Santa Cruz del Seibo = El Seibo, East Dominican Republic CGNA)