IBOLCInfantry Basic Officer Leadership Course
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In addition to the classroom instruction, the IBOLC Soldiers will have to take the skills and techniques they have learned and apply them in a variety of training exercises.
Between the training you received at your commissioning source and IBOLC, you have probably demonstrated at some point your ability to handle each of the tasks.
Terrain Models--Multiple times, whether at IBOLC or RTB, I have heard my instructors say that the building of terrain models is a dying art.
This is one area in which you, an IBOLC graduate, should have a leg up on the rest of your squad/platoon.
If you make it through IBOLC without doing so, you are wrong.
Rucking--If you've recently graduated from IBOLC, you should have no real issue in this department.
Lieutenants leave IBOLC understanding that the operational environment changes frequently.