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IBOPEInstituto Brasileiro de Opinião Pública e Estatística (Portugese: Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics; greater São Paulo, Brazil)
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Andy Brown commented: "Kantar Media and IBOPE Media have worked in partnership for 17 years.
How could a respected outfit like IBOPE (Instituto Brasileno de Opinion Publica y Estadistica) be so far off the mark?
Bronner's 57 Dreft 32 Elizabeth Arden 32,88 EO 57 Erbaviva 57 Euromonitor 26,40 Fashion Institute 72 of Technology Febreze 16,68 Forea 44 Fresh 26 Gain 68,72 Gillette 86 Givenchy Perfumes 26 Glade 32,63 Good Home Co 84 Cad 57 Guerlain 26 GUM 84 Henkel 68 IBOPE Intelligence 40 Information Resources 68 Intelligent Nutrients 57 International Sanitary 90 Suppliers Association International Spa Assoc.
According to IBOPE, a Brazilian Research think tank, there are 94 million internet users in Brazil, making Brazil the 5th most connected country in the world.
4 percent of the population, the study reported based on figures from the IBOPE market research firm.
Unrest elsewhere in the Middle East hasn't shaken the confidence of C-suite executives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Qatar, according to the 4th Oliver Wyman / IBOPE Zogby International survey of 160 top executives.
Besides Itau-Unibanco, other Brazilian pioneers in foundations include steelmaker Gerdau and Vale, now the world's largest iron ore miner, and research company IBOPE.
Research by the IBOPE in June 2013 during the protests indicated that 89% of respondents considered themselves "interested in politics" (61% said "very interested" and 28% said "somewhat interested").
7 billion on products--representing nearly half of their total spend for personal care and beauty products, according to a 2012 study by IBOPE Intelligence.
Essa aproximacao da direcao da emissora com o telejornal, acompanhando ponto a ponto os indices do IBOPE, e condizente com as estrategias de manutencao do programa utilizadas pelo JR.
According to IBOPE, social networking sites have had the highest percentage in recent times (36%), led by Facebook, with almost 44 million single visitors in December 2012, 22% more than in 2011.