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IBOSInternational Business Owners Survey
IBOSIntelligence Battlefield Operating System
IBOSInternational Brotherhood of Seans
IBOSIntegration of Biosynthesis and Organic Synthesis (program)
IBOSInternational Banking One Solution (various locations)
IBOSIndependent Basic Operating System
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The research looked at IBOs undertaken in the UK between 1997 and 2006, investigating the monitored firms' performance and employment and wage figures six years before takeover through to four years afterwards.
iBOS Lite now opens up many of these benefits to managers of fleets of 5-50 chargers.
Venlo fulfills individual orders for IBOs in 12 Western European countries on a daily basis.
The steps she takes recall those of the Ibos wal king back to Africa, because she treads cautiously "as if the ground under her was really water" and as if to test whether it would take her weight (248).
LOS ANGELES -- Smack in the middle of south central Los Angeles, Nigerian immigrants from the Ibo tribe are re-creating their village.
On the other hand, Biafra, the break-away province of Nigeria's industrious Ibo tribe, had no such leverage.
According to a press release issued here by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) the IBOs were carried out in Dera Murad Jamali, Pashtoon Abad, Sangan and Shahreg areas.
Cache of arms, ammunition and explosive including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were recovered during IBOs in these areas.
Explosives, arms and ammunition including anti-personal mines, detonators, communications equipment were recovered during the IBOs conducted in Rustam Darbar, Dera Bugti, and Killi Deba areas of the province.
Ibos and Vitart have sought to make its internal volumes legible by organising exhibition spaces with distinctly different characteristics round what they describe as two strategic voids - the main entrance hall and the contiguous double-storey volume now known as the Atrium (originally Berard and Delmas's central courtyard).
COM offers its merchant stores direct access to Quixtar's highly-motivated IBOs.