IBPOInternational Business Partnering Opportunities (Scotland)
IBPOInternational Brotherhood of Police Organizations
IBPOInternational Brotherhood of Police Officers
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Kevin Coyle, a labor lawyer supplied by IBPO, will represent Lt.
Sullivan, for a law firm affiliated with the new union was a factor in the rank and file's concern about staying with the IBPO.
This election is about the IBPO, the largest police union in New England and Massachusetts against a police group that's been in existence for 18 months," he said.
They approached us with multiple questions about the lack of appropriate legal representation from the IBPO," Mr.
The endorsements are in addition to the Worcester Firefighter's Local 1009, IBPO Local 378, Worcester Police Officer's Union Local 504, the Educational Association of Worcester, and the AFL-CIO.
a member of the executive board of the IBPO and former president of the patrol union, said it is likely the patrol officers union will give the chief the stringent enhanced drug-testing powers he is looking for, though the wording may not be exactly the same to which the superior officers agreed.