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Rajendran Nair of Ibri. "The doctor was extremely helpful in getting the passport [which was in the car held by the police] and the death notification," he said
The request for proposals (RfP) tender for the development of 500MW Ibri II Solar IPP was issued in June and bids were received from three bidders on November 12 in response to the RfP, OPWP said in a statement on its website.
Photo - @agrifishoman/Twitter The Ministry said in a statement, "T he fish market control team in the Wilayat of Ibri seized 370 kg of fish unfit for consumption." The Ministry added that according to statistics, a total of 1,960 kg of fish has been seized since the start of the year, at the Ibri Market.
The evening will also include critical readings for the poet Abdullah al- Ghafri who will present a working paper on the Omani Arts in the Wilayat of Ibri.
At the same time, the Supreme Court has ordered a retrial of those accused in the Ibri riot case who were sentenced to three years in jail for taking Manpower Ministry employees hostage and preventing them from carrying out their duties.
Complex, Al Mussanah routed Hamra 4-1 at the Seeb Sports Stadium and hosts Ibri lost to Yanqul 0-1.
Ibri after receiving a call from Ibri Hospital reporting more than 40 poisoning cases.
The demonstrations in Ibri first turned hostile on Saturday when protesters took employees of the Manpower Ministry hostage and then on Sunday set the Housing Ministry building and a local shaikh's house on fire.
The market in Ibri will have a sophisticated central air conditioning system, modern display tables complying with quality control requirements, shops, stores and an ice production unit.
In Oman, picketing continued in both the private and government sectors, following violence in the northwestern town of Ibri on Sunday in which police arrested several people for arson.