IBROInternational Brain Research Organization
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At the same hearing, the Court rendered a decision repealing the Decision of the Court of BiH, of 15 December 2015, ordering in custody the suspect Ibro Cufurovic, and also issued an order to withdraw the Arrest Warrant of the Court of BiH, of 15 December 2015, on whose ground an international arrest warrant was also issued against the suspect Ibro Cufurovic.
"International Symposium NEWroscience 2013: Epilepsies: Complexity and Comorbidities, December, 2013; Premio em el area de Neurociencias del 8th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, Florenca Italia, 2011; Guest Editor del Volume 14 Supplementum 1.
IBRO and QBRI jointly established the IBRO MENA sub-regional headquarters in Qatar earlier this year, with QBRI designated as the permanent host organisation for future events.
Buddhist Relief Organisation (IBRO) asked, "where these international figures were and what the UN was doing for 30 odd years watching LTTE blast people to bits, kill pregnant women, babies and innocent Buddhist Monks, and no sooner the LTTE is vanquished they are quick to come out demanding accountability, transparency, holding Geneva Rights" and demanding "why the LTTE were killed?
Upon Dargut Kemali's death in 2011, IBRO absorbed the Foundation, according to his wishes.
The participants sitting around the table mainly included lawyers, legal experts and practitioners, such as Nikola Besenski, a judge at the County Court of Vukovar, Croatia (County Courts in Croatia have jurisdiction over war crimes), Velija Muric from the Montenegro Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights, and Ibro Bulic from the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others.
(IBRO) was created in 1960 and is currently overseen by UNESCO.
My brother Ibro: A strong freestyler soon to join Saudi Thugs
As Rotterdam, Holland-based Culimer rang in 2011 with a colorful seasonal pictorial New Year greeting card sent to valued clients and friends around the globe, the holiday message of good cheer was clear: the Ibro Mar Holding company's wide assortment of quality fresh-frozen fish and seafood products is available all year long.
[15.] Langyintuo AS, Lowenberg-DeBoer J, Faye M, Lambert D, Ibro G, Moussa B, Kergna A, Kushwaha S, Musa S and G Ntoukam Cowpea supply and demand in West and Central Africa.