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IBRSInternational Business Reply Service (USPS)
IBRSInternet Based Registration System
IBRSIntelligent Business Research Services Pty Ltd (Australia)
IBRSInsane Black Rock Shooter (manga charcter)
IBRSIncident Base Reporting System (law enforcement)
IBRSIntranuclear Beryllium-Rich Structures (cell biology)
IBRSIntraoperative Blood Recovery System (cardiovascular surgery)
IBRSInterview-Based Rating Scale (psychology)
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The utilization of the IBRS has likewise advanced the SEC's anti-fraud initiatives through stringent processes that can help pinpoint fraudulent applicants.
Herbosa said that the IBRS has allowed the SEC to capture more comprehensive and specific data in processing new corporations, as all applicants are highly encouraged to detail all relevant information regarding their businesses.
The first explicit construction of an IBRS scheme was presented by [11], and this scheme was without a formal security proof.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: In section II, we present a security model for a separable IBRS scheme.
We formally define a security notion for a separable IBRS scheme.
Next, we formally define a separable IBRS scheme [PI], which consists of a tuple of polynomial-time algorithms, SetUp, Extract, Sign, and Vrfy.
For security, an IBRS scheme must achieve correctness and two basic security notions, unforgeability and anonymity.
We say that an IBRS scheme is correct if the following conditions hold: 1 [left arrow] Vrfy ([pi], [sigma], RID, m) for a message m [member of] {0,1}*, a positive integer n [member of] N, and RID = {([[pi]'.
An IBRS scheme 77 is said to be existentially unforgeable under adaptively chosen message and identity (CMIA) attacks if no PPT adversary A has a non-negligible advantage in the following game with a challenger C.
Anonymity--An IBRS scheme [PI] is said to be anonymous if no PPT adversary A has a non-negligible advantage in the following game with a challenger C.
In this section, we present an efficient method of extending IBS schemes into IBRS schemes for a single domain.
To explain our method through concrete examples, we chose two IBRS schemes extending the RSA-based IBS [7] and (modified) pairing-based IBS [8] schemes, respectively.