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IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome
IBSInternational Builders' Show
IBSInstitute of Behavioral Science
IBSInternational Business Systems
IBSInternational Bible Society
IBSInternational Business Studies
IBSInternational Biometric Society
IBSIntegrated Bridge System
IBSIon Beam Sputtering
IBSIntercollegiate Broadcasting System (college radio stations)
IBSInternet Broadcasting Systems
IBSIntegrated Broadcast Service
IBSInstitute for Biological Sciences (National Research Council, Canada)
IBSIntelligent Building Systems
IBSInstitute of Banking Studies (Kuwait)
IBSInternet Banking System
IBSIntegrated Booking System
IBSIntegrated Broadcast System
IBSIntegrated Business System
IBSInternational Business Schools
IBSInformation-Based Strategy
IBSInternational Business Service
IBSINTELSAT Business Services
IBSIntra-Beam Scattering
IBSImpôt sur les Bénéfices des Sociétés (French, Algerian business tax)
IBSInteractive Business Solutions
IBSIon Beam Spectrometer
IBSInflatable Boat, Small
IBSInstitute for Brewing Studies
IBSInternational Benchrest Shooters
IBSInfinity Business Systems (Tampa, FL)
IBSInitial Benefit Statement
IBSInternet Business Strategies
IBSIndian Biophysical Society
IBSIntegrated Battle Space (NovaLogic multiplayer gaming arena)
IBSIn-Band Signaling
IBSInternet Bumper Stickers (website)
IBSIncremental Balancing Strategy
IBSIntelligent Bridge System
IBSInternal Billing System
IBSInterlibrary Borrowing Service
IBSInstitute for Basic Standards
IBSInterfund Billing System
IBSIowa Barbeque Society
IBSIndividual Benefit Statement (401k plans)
IBSIn Bedrijf Stelling (Dutch: Commissioning)
IBSInnovative Banking Software (Switzerland)
IBSInternational Broadcasting Services, Ltd. (publishing company; Penns Park, PA)
IBSIndustrial Benefits Sharing
IBSInstalled Base System
IBSInfinity Business Solutions (Buena Park, CA)
IBSIsland Base Section
IBSIntegrated Biosphere Simulator
IBSInofficiella Bäsksällskapet
IBSInternational Bankcards System
IBSInternet Broking Systems
IBSImagery Boundary Extension
IBSIn-Brief Scheduler
IBSInterference Beam Subtraction
IBSInfinity Business School
IBSIntegrated Bar Code System (US Navy)
IBSInterference Blanker System
IBSInterim Billing System
IBSIntelligence Broadcast System (US DoD)
IBSInsurance Brokerage Service (various locations)
IBSIn-Building Solutions (wireless communciations)
IBSIl Bilancio Sociale (Italian: The Social Report; ethics)
IBSIntegrated Biomedical Sciences (various schools)
IBSInterdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (various schools)
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IBS Kolkata is among leading Business Schools offering PGPM program which is accepted globally.
The statistically significant weekly findings in the primary endpoint and key secondary endpoint were supported by daily findings in the secondary endpoints of global IBS symptoms: bloating, stool consistency, and abdominal pain and discomfort.
Whether or not a family practitioner uses the Rome III or ACG definitions to identify IBS, the key characteristics of IBS are:
IBS provides both multi-source intelligence and combat information that contribute to situational awareness, survivability, and targeting.
For the past three years, IBS also has been developing its Website design services, building a Web portal and broadcasting the radio signal of WHAT-AM, a talk radio station.
Data from these studies showed that Lotronex was superior to placebo in providing relief of IBS pain and discomfort, decreasing urgency (the sudden feeling of having to go to the bathroom), and reducing stool frequency in females with diarrhea predominant IBS.
Because doctors have been unable to pinpoint its organic cause, IBS often has been considered to be caused by emotional conflict or stress.
With IBS Cloud Solutions, you can reduce risk by leveraging superior infrastructure and service.
The IBS accounting and general ledger package has always been the best out there," said Edward S.
It's been six months since Symphony Technologies acquired IBS," said Ludo Hertroijs, General Manager APAC.
Previously, The Jack Parker Corporation maintained its marketing information on a separate database from its IBS system.
both being Delaware limited partnerships ("STG"), has today, on 17 May, 2011, announced a public takeover offer to the shareholders of IBS to tender all of their shares in IBS to STG (the "Offer").