IBSPIsland Beach State Park (New Jersey)
IBSPInternet Business Service Provider
IBSPInstitute for Biomedical Sciences of Pain (Beijing, China)
IBSPIn Building Service Provider
IBSPInternet-Based Services Policy (Microsoft)
IBSPIndus Basin Settlement Plan (Pakistan) Indus basin settlement plan (Pakistan) Indus Basin Settlement Plan (IBSP)
IBSPInternational Business Service Provider (Wanchai, Hong Kong)
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(10) Department of the Army, United States Army Ammunition Industrial Base Strategic Plan (IBSP): 2025.
BRAZIL: Mato Grosso: 1 [male], Alta Floesta, 4 December 1979 (IBSP 4474).
We identified C1qa, Marco, C1qc, Adipoq, and C1qb as collagen-related genes and identified Abi3bp, Srgn, and Dcn as genes related to "collagen binding." Markers associated with "cell adhesion" included genes such as Cd36, Fbln7, Mfap4, Ibsp, and Dpt.
Moazzami, who is also a faculty member of the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) received the membership of the IBSP which is operational since 2005 focusing on promoting training and research in the basic sciences, science education and the use of promising advances made in the basic sciences to address environmental challenges, meet human needs and improves the quality of life and education of UNESCO, website of the IROST reported.
2 April 2012 - International Bank of Saint Petersburg (IBSP) expects to increase credit volume by a quarter this year, if there are no negative developments in the Russian economy, the Russian lender's chief executive Andrei Kostin said in a statement published on Monday.
Faria leg., 1 [male] (FCD216), MZSP; III.1926, no collector, 1 [female] (FCD102), MZSP; m.1958, Sahahel leg., 1 [male] (FCD045*), ESLQ; XII.1944, Navajas leg., 1 [female] (FCD229), IBSP; Ypiranga, no collector, 1 [female] (FCD098), MZSP; Capital, Brooklin Paulista, 5.III.1962, L.
An Internet business service provider (IBSP), also known as the on-demand or Web-service model, is the latest breed of business software provider in the long-term care field.
Most of the guidelines set forth below address issues raised in the context of third party Internet-based service providers (IBSP).