IBSTPIInternational Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction
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Although we have identified a valid and reliable competency development model developed by ibstpi that has resulted in several competency sets in active use by various professions (evaluators, training managers, instructors), we still cannot claim to have in place a widely accepted competency model for distance education leaders working in highly transient settings driven by technology.
The Working Committee's perspective is that a competence is a set of related knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable a person to perform a task or fulfill a job function with consistency and proficiency (this is essentially the ibstpi definition; see http://www.ibstpi.org).
* Celina did not teach the course, explicitly, with the 1998 ID competencies in mind, nor did she have a copy of these competencies since they are being prepared for publication (by ibstpi) with a publication date of summer of 2000.
The skills and competencies KB workers report using are not entirely different from those found in related disciplines such as technical communication (Hogan 1983; Rude 1991) and instructional design (Schiffman 1995; IBSTPI 1998).
For the instructional design profession, the professional group, International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (IBSTPI) has established competencies for designated professions (Richey, Fields, & Foxon, 2001); however, they have yet to establish procedures for accrediting programs or the individual profession (Davidson, 1985; 1987; Davidson-Shivers & Barrington, in preparation; Gustafson, 2002).
In this third edition of "Training Manager Competencies: The Standards," the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (IBSTPI) presents an updated definition and discussion of the competencies of training managers.
According to the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction (IBSTPI), a competency involves a related set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enables a person to effectively perform the activities of a given occupation or function in such a way that meets or exceeds the standards expected in a particular profession or work setting.