IBWGIntelligence Broadcast/Receive Working Group
IBWGInterdialytic Body Weight Gain (dialysis mortality factor)
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The ratio method (RM) does not consider the [IFI.sub.m] of pigs, but focuses of IBWG. This method only apportions the PFI equally to each kg of IBWG:
Feed intake for maintenance is an important factor to estimate IFI because PM I and 2 showed greater accuracy in most of the periods in simulation studies 1 and 2 than RM which calculates IFI based on only IBWG of pigs.
Claire Malcolm from the UK, Cityscape Editor and IBWG Dubai core committee member, said, "I am used to working as an expatriate in different cultures." Having worked in the Far East and the UAE in the fields of advertising, hospitality and journalism, she said she had faced no difficulty in her 11 years of living here.
Extant Atala populations are monitored by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI 2012), the Imperiled Butterfly Working Group (IBWG 2012), which is an assemblage of concerned agencies and organizations, and by the first author.