IBWTIn Beat We Trust (band)
IBWTIn Blood We Trust (band)
IBWTIn Benny We Trust (band)
IBWTInverse Burrows Wheeler Transform
IBWTIn Bill We Trust
IBWTInternational Bank Wire Transfer
IBWTInternational Boundary Waters Treaty
IBWTIndus Basin Water Treaty (India and Pakistan)
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Therefore, the management of an IBWT project is different from managing a commercial product.
Most of the IBWT projects are managed under the integrated management mode, and the water-pricing mechanism is controlled by the government.
This article has contributed to the IBWT literature in the following aspects:
IBWT system is analyzed as a water-resource supply chain, applying supply chain management principles.
A new optimal and coordinating pricing mechanism for IBWT project is developed, considering both the market operations and the government control.
The World Bank contended that it was not the guarantor of IBWT nevertheless it could appoint an expert to look into the matter and give his verdict.
It is now being felt in Pakistan that IBWT has been proved to be in favor of India.
Ayub Mayo, president Pakistan Muttahida Kisan Mahaz has declared IBWT of 1961 an international conspiracy against Pakistan under which Pakistan is being deprived of its due share in river waters.