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IBYI Believe You
IBYI Beat You
IBYIndian Boundary YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Downer's Grove, IL)
IBYInternational Benedictine Youth
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IBY has confirmed to CI that it is not currently in default of any obligations.
Iby had been in Yemen for five years until 2011 when internal problems rocked the country and had to return to Kerala.
Iby told him in Latin "do not believe what you see".
CI, the international credit rating agency, affirmed IBY's Long-Term and Short-Term Foreign Currency ratings at 'B' and 'B' respectively with a 'Stable' Outlook.
Capital Intelligence (CI), the international credit rating agency, today announced that it has assigned a 'Positive' Outlook to International Bank of Yemen's (IBY) Financial Strength rating which currently stands at 'B'.
1.7 1.65 F 18.0 -- Q(12) 6.6 6.5 LM(2) F 0.3 -- ADF(1) for residuals -3.2 -3.2 JB 1.6 1.6 CUSUM Inside the 5% -- confidence limits CUSUMSQ Inside the 5% -- confidence limits J statistic -- 0.25 ADF(1) for [gy.sup.*] -3.7 -3.7 ADF(1) for Iby (1) -3.6 -3.6 Source: Own calculations.
At Rotweingut Iby in Horitschon, Anton Iby has built a modern winery with all the bells and whistles.
(12) For the other, see Henslowe's Diary, 135 and 294 (references to Fair Constance of Rome, Part Iby Munday, Drayton, Hathaway, Dekker, and Wilson).
Abraham, incensed by the apparent insult, rejects the portrait and sends Miranda back to the studio, where he paints a self-portrait as the last sultan--The Artist as Boadbil, the Unlucky (el-Zogo iby), Last Sultan of Granada, Seen Departing from the Alhambra.
Quinn's goal brought a wave of relief from the stands but Rovers still almost snatched a draw two minutes later when Jansen's shot in the Sunderland box was deflected off Jody Craddock and saved iby diving goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen's legs.