IC1Input Capture 1
IC1White Person (UK police radio code)
IC1Intermediate Chain 1 (molecular biology)
IC1Interior Communications Electrician First Class (Naval Rating)
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Personal Control (Attributional Style scale): sum or average the following scales: L1, L2, L3, IC1, IC2, IC3.
IC1 - Eu compraria um produto organico por ser sustentavel se ele estivesse disponivel onde eu faco minhas compras.
Similar to what was observed with PD-L1 expression in TCs, increased PD-1 expression scores correlated with increased PD-L1 expression in ICs, with approximately 47% of ICs having PD-L1 scores of IC1, 2, or 3.
[mathematical expression not reproducible] = an index coefficient of Ic1 for the ith trait (i = 1,,,, m) to be computed,
In the final model, the obtained results show that literate women and those with high number of parity (>3) were at higher risk of TRNG (OR 95% IC1.623 [1.180-2.231]) and 2.920 [1.303-6.547], respectively).
(i) IC1: [T.sub.1] (t) = 1000, [T.sup.*.sub.1](t) = 0, [V.sub.1](t) = [10.sup.- 3]
In the work by [32], the authors obtained 70 ICs, including IC1, that had an extraordinary relationship with age, for which the R square value was 0.9 across 484 healthy participants along with 3 modals (MRI, vertex wise cortical thickness and surface area).
As the first inclusion criteria (IC1), we have selected responses from text query from the research repository.
The receiver of scattered light is amplified by the operational amplifier IC1 with TI gain 1MQ (Figure 11(a)), while for the extinction light receiver, the amplification is through the IC3 having a gain of 27 KD (Figure 11(b)).
Fitting the temporal dependence of IC1 with an exponential curve, we estimate a decay time of [[tau].sub.d] = 103 days (Figure 2(b)).
(9) To keep the number of codes small while accounting for the different facets of economic inequality, the analysis applied four codes: A first code (IC1) identified inequality concerns in terms of income, including both household incomes and wage incomes.