IC2Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation (est. 2001)
IC2Innovation, Creativity and Capital Institute (University of Texas at Austin)
IC2Interior Communications Electrician Second Class (Naval Rating)
IC2Integrated Interior Communications and Control
IC2Latin Person (UK police radio code)
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IC2's account shows the residents' awareness of the relevance of social involvement, social and support networks in their dwelling places, as possibilities to address the problems identified.
Personal Control (Attributional Style scale): sum or average the following scales: L1, L2, L3, IC1, IC2, IC3.
Indices Formula IC1 [n.summation over (j=1)] [[dap.sub.j]/[dap.sub.1] x arctang [dap.sub.j]/[Dist.sub.ij]] IC2 [n.summation over (j=1)] [[h.sub.j]/[h.sub.1] x arctang [h.sub.j]/[Dist.sub.ij]] IC3 [n.summation over (j=1)] arctang ([h.sub.j]/[Dist.sub.ij]) IC4 [N.summation over (j=1)] arctang ([dap.sub.j]/[Dist.sub.ij]) IC5 [N.summation over (j=1)] [[h.sub.j]/([h.sub.i] x [Dist.sub.ij])] IC6 [N.summation over (j=1)] [[d.sub.j]/([d.sub.i] x [Dist.sub.ij])] IC7 [N.summation over (j=1)] [[dap.sub.j]/([dap.sub.i] x [Dist.sup.0.5.sub.ij])] Em que: dap: diametro a altura do peito; h: altura em m; Dist: distancia horizontal; n: todas as arvores vizinhas consideradas competidoras, i: i-esima arvore objetivo; j: j-esima arvore competidora.
The output characteristic of the SAS can be modified by varying the value of two potentiometers: the first is connected to the V_oc input of IC4 and the second to the V(ISC) inverting input of IC2.
Nexus is run in partnership with the IC2 Institute at the University of Texas-Austin and has brought in as advisory board members some of the biggest names in the Indian innovation ecosystem.
IC2 When I see a good game item, I find it hard to control myself.
It is powered by 3.3 V through IC2 and has an embedded real-time clock (RTC) that keeps time powered by the B1 battery (Figure 12).
(ii) IC2: [T.sub.2](t) = 800, [T.sup.*.sub.2](t) = 10, [V.sub.2](t) = 0.001
It is interesting to note that being automatically data-driven extracted, these independent components take the form of enhancement curves: curve IC1 is a normal enhancement, while curve IC2 has a "typical" malignant behavior, according to model-based descriptions [1].
More than half of all BWS cases result from alterations in methylation of the imprinting center 2 region (IC2).
Then, we performed the second filter (IC2), selecting English-written articles only.