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IC50Median Inhibition Concentration (concentration that reduces the effect by 50%)
IC50Inhibit Cellular Proliferation by 50%
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The percentage inhibition and IC50 values against [alpha]-glucosidase are given in Table-2 for the active compounds only.
IC50 dose of curcumin on the ONCO-DG-1 cell line was found as 17 [micro]M.
Cytotoxicity were carried out and their IC50 values were compared by using standard drug.
IC50 values of extract and n-hexane, ethyl acetate fraction was 215 mg/ml, 1.512 [micro]g/ml, 3.058 [micro]g/ml, respectively.
Firstly, HEIOC1 cells were treated with the same doses of both CDDP and LIPO and the IC50 doses were determined from these experiments.
The IC50, now in its 23rd year, is the original and annual listing that ranks the biggest crane-owning companies in the world by their IC Index value.
MKN-45 cells were seeded in six-well plates and incubated with nanoparticles at the IC50 value for 48 hours.
A 50% reduction of the superoxide anion radical was calculated and presented in an IC50 value.
The IC50 value (concentration that inhibits cell growth by 50%) was used as an indicator of the antimalarial potency of each compound and was determined from the log-concentration-response curve analysis using Calcusyn[TM] software version 1.1 (BioSoft, Cambridge, UK).
A sigmoidal dose-response curve was fitted on the acquired data points to determine the IC50 and calculate the Ki-value (Figure 3 and Table 2).
Moreover, IC50 calculated after 24 h treatment resulted 304 and 128 ug x [mL.sup.-1] in PBL and Jurkat cells respectively.