IC6Arabic Person (UK police radio code)
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The features of proposed filter have been verified by simulations in Cadence IC6 (spectre) software.
Apart from IC6 and IC9, as for the rest 7 components, they may be the air valve knock noise, gear meshing noise, fuel injection pump noise, or other noise sources.
Feminine borrowings are adapted as nouns ending in -i, -a, -e (IC3), while neuter loan nouns end in -in (IC6).
Validez convergente Variable Indicator Factor Robust CA CR AVE loading t-value Confianza CN1 0.786 9.288 0.936 0.936 0.710 CN2 0.862 10.706 CN3 0.881 11.110 CN4 0.854 10.549 CN5 0.837 10.214 CN6 0.831 10.109 Valor VP1 0.709 7.994 0.978 0.915 0.645 percibido VP2 0.805 9.580 VP3 0.824 9.923 VP4 0.820 9.846 VP5 0.774 9.036 VP6 0.878 10.974 Intencion IC1 0.904 11.721 0.914 0.981 0.877 de compra IC2 0.927 12.233 IC3 0.931 12.344 IC4 0.978 13.512 IC5 0.963 13.120 IC6 0.915 11.977 Nota: CA = Alfa de Cronbach, significativo >0.8; CR = Fiabilidad compuesta, significativo >0.70; AVE = Varianza extraida promedio, significativo >0.50 Fuente: Pena (2014).
o crisis Noti-cias (UPNA) C4 Presencia diaria IC4 Interes mediatico en los MCS noticias UPNA y UN C5 Diario de Navarra IC5 Los MCS no tratan Linea dura con bien a la UPNA; la UPNA en especial Diario de Navarra C6 Diario de Noticias IC6 UPNA y UN Linea blanda con Discriminacion la UPNA en los MCS C7 Casuistica IC7 Casos de informaciones UPNA discriminacion.
IC1 refers to white Europeans, IC2 to darkskinned Europeans, IC3 to West Indians or Africans, IC4 to Indians or Pakistanis, IC5 to Chinese or Japanese and IC6 to Arabians or Egyptians.
(1) Department of Political Science, University of Toronto at Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Road North, Mississauga, Ontario L5L IC6, Canada; gwhite@chass.utoronto.ca
It fits on the OWI IC6 in-ceiling speaker, is protected from shorts and overheating, and has available line-level volume control.
FERENC CSILLAG Department of Geography, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L IC6 (e-mail: fcs@geog.utoronto.ca)
The stems of these nouns belong to the sixth inflection class (IC6).