IC6Arabic Person (UK police radio code)
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However, as opposed to Heptanesian, IC5 is also missing from loans due to a historical evolution, according to which many ancient nouns in -on (today's nouns of IC5) got restructured into nouns in -ion in early medieval period (Browning 1969), and with the ultimate loss of /o/, they emerged as IC6 nouns in -in.
With respect to Heptanesian, Romance -human loans, which fall into the neuter category, are distributed into two inflection classes, IC5 (nouns ending in -o in the citation form, as in 14) and IC6 (those ending in -i, as in 15).
Nevertheless, the choice of the particular type of inflection class, that is whether it would be IC5 or IC6, is rather ad hoc, since both inflection classes seem to be of almost equal productivity, at least in Heptanesian.
Neuter gender is also very frequent in Pontic loans, where most Turkish -human nouns ending in a consonant (21a), or in -i [i], -i [m],-u [y] (20b-e) are integrated as IC6 neuter nouns in -in:
2+] Latitud ([micron] ([micron] ([micron] ([micron] mg/L) mg/L) mg/L) mg/L) IC6 81[grados] 62,1 3,83 9,87 16,93 IC5 82[grados] 65,11 4,05 8,36 20,05 Local [CH.
He's won the whole package, a cycling holiday, Specialized bike and a Nite Icon IC6, a tough watch ready to take on the thrills and spills of performance cycling.
The benchmark for the reference flow was validated on an Open Access database with Cadence's IC6.
Implementation of project ER342 - Arganil (km 92 + 530) and junction with the IC6 (EN230) (km 117 + 582) - improvement.
18um SiGe BiCMOS process (SBL18), a Transmission-line-toolbox, Cadence IC6.
Based on proven methods for advanced 180-nanometer power management designs, Cadence technology, in collaboration with TowerJazz, enables: schematic design, AMS verification, RF and transient noise analysis, yield sensitivity analysis, constraints-driven layout, analog placement and routing, physical verification, DFM-aware parasitic extraction, IR drop and electromigration analysis, all in the IC6.
The value of this technique has been proven in a large number of production tapeouts of complex analog circuits with first pass silicon success using Virtuoso IC6.